Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Want More of Moore

As a quarterback, I love Kellen Moore. He has spent his last four years as the starting quarterback at Boise State; winning more college games than anyone before him. I know that winning and production in college does not directly translate to success in the NFL. I also recognize that he is only 5'11" and most successful quarterbacks are at least 6'2". He is also a lefty and most people heavily favor right-handed quarterbacks, forgetting that quarterbacks can roll out to their left, too. He does not have the strongest arm or the feet to be a threat outside of the pocket. However, there are plenty of reasons to like him.

Moore is the son of a coach and has a very high football IQ. He understands different offensive concepts as well as what opposing defenses try to do to stop him. He is a natural leader, he is confident, but not overly confident in his own abilities, and always says the right thing. Moore makes the players around him better. Although lacking elite arm strength, Moore does possess elite accuracy and that should count for something. I know that Moore does not fit anyone's prototype, but is that such a bad thing?

I am not saying that he will ever be a hall of famer or a pro bowler, but he does have something to offer an NFL team and if I was a general manager, he would have a spot on my roster.

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  1. Moore signed with the Lions as an undrafted free agent and has a good shot at making the roster as the team's #3 qb.