Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dear Clique

Jazz Band (Dirty Style Blues) by Jean Dubuffet
Dear Clique,

     I find myself lost in this strange world called "Iowa." As I walk through this sea of green, I don't feel like myself. I've become just another face, blending in all too well. My better half keeps me safe and sane, however, I still long to get the band back together.

     Meet me in the suburban town of Willowbrook. I'll be waiting at the end of the culdesac that faces away from Madison, with my arms wide open.

- Kalashnikov Chris

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  1. Recently, In my english class we all had to pick out a postcard and write to someone. We had to in some way tie in what we wrote to the image that was on the front of the postcard and we had to jazz up (pun intended) the way that we wrote it, making it a little different from your standard letter. This is what I wrote.