Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Changes That Victoria's Secret Can Make to be More Guy-Friendly

I don't shop at Victoria's Secret as I am not a woman nor a cross-dresser, but my girlfriend does. I have spent more time than I would like to admit or care to remember, standing in place in the corner of a Victoria's Secret store, waiting for my girlfriend to come out of the changing room. I am rarely the only male there as other boyfriends, fiancees, husbands (whatever) get dragged along as well. During this time I have had to revelations as to how this store can make all of the men like me more comfortable.

1. Give Us Someplace To Sit - This goes for all department stores, but especially Victoria's Secret. The store is almost always busy and because there is not designated "Sit here until your girlfriend is done" waiting area, I am always in someone's way. I attempt to cram myself into the most disused corner of the room, away from the lacy undergarments and PINK t-shirts, but it doesn't really work. At some point I have to move because someone wants to look at whatever it is I happen to be blocking; so I do move. Then, like clockwork, I find myself in another shopper's way and scuttle somewhere else. I already get death-glares and odd looks just for being there, I don't want to be on the receiving end of even more negative attention.

Perhaps more importantly the the fact that I always find myself in someone's way, a chair would be nice for my achy body. It sounds pathetic, but if you are standing (mostly) still for upwards of 20 or 30 minutes, you start to feel a bit stiff. Should I have someplace to sit at my disposal, that could be prevented. Chairs would be good for women, too as oftentimes ladies shop together. Those who are not trying things on themselves or are waiting in line for a free dressing room, would probably love to take a seat.

2. Stop Spewing Pink Everywhere - Seriously, didn't whoever designed all Victoria's Secret stores have more than just pink in their Crayola box growing up? I understand that they are trying to be feminine and sexy, but that does not mean that everything outside of (some of) the closing (literally in some of their stores) has to be pink. Red and black are supposed to be sexy colors, too - use those and accent with pink. Last time I was in a Victoria's Secret, the walls, shelves, drawers, countertops, ceiling, just about everything was pink. I would think that even if this was your favorite color, you would recognize that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Please Victoria's Secret, recognize that your customers and employees are not the only people that set foot in (sometimes unwillingly) your stores. Please, help a man out. With the alterations in place, I might not feel so miserable the next time my girlfriend asks me to go to the mall with her (maybe).

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