Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top Four Best Video Game Worlds To Live In

#4 Rock Band (Earth) - Love music? Then you’d love living in the Rock Band version of Earth. The world would be riddled with amazing bands that would be touring all the time.  Your itunes library would never suffer from a shortage of new music, ever. Plus, nothing else would really change and Earth is already pretty nice.

#3 PaRappa the Rapper (Whatever World It Is That PaRappa Lives In) - Going along similar lines as Rock Band, PaRappa’s world would bring in a reign of music. Singing and rapping would make the mundane things in life, like taking your driving test, a whole lot more fun. It would also be school, yet slightly awkward, to get to hangout with talking dogs, bears, and onion-people. Life would never be boring.

#2 Mass Effect [If The Reapers Didn’t Exist] (The Universe) - With all organic life no longer in danger, life would be pretty sweet. Flying around the galaxy and discovering new worlds would be incredible. No, it would be so unbelievably enjoyable that a new word would have to be invented to describe it. As long as you don’t find yourself being chased by space pirates or looking down the barrel of a shotgun held by a mercenary, you’d be fine.

#1 Super Mario (Mushroom Kingdom) - Think about it, unless you are an Italian plumber (and who is?), princess, or minion of a dimwitted dinosaur-turtle king, you would never be in danger. The kingdom is colorful and the clouds smile at you. How could you have a bad day racing a go-cart against a gorilla? Life would be pretty easy while spending the majority of your time playing soccer with turtles, baseball with chimps, and cruising around town on the back of a fun-loving, egg-laying dinosaur. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

Missed The Cut - Your Favorite Video Game World - At first you might think it would be amazing, but you’d soon discover that your expectations were set too high and would be doomed for disappointment.

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