Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Pitch For Why I Should Receive a Free Fiat 500

Recently, I attended this year's Chicago Auto Show with a few of my best friends. While we were there one of my friends decided that it would be a good idea to climb into the back of a Fiat 500; I decided to join him.

It was much more spacious than either of us expected it so be and quite comfortable. We both loved the rear headrests in particular. My friend Ryan and I are both are 5'10. There was plenty of room for both of us, even when one of our other friends moved the front seats all the way back, we still fit.

During the 10 or so minutes that we spent in the back of the 500 (discussing the car and cars in general) numerous people and by and some even hopped into the driver's seat. Many of them asked us how we were doing in the back seat and if we were comfortable? When we responded with a resounding "yes" and explained ourselves, they always gave a look expressing surprise, but approval. Our presence debunked a fear that many Americans seem to have about the 500-that it is too small. We may have helped sell Fiats.

Another criticism of the Fiat 500 that I've heard from some people is that you cannot drive it in bad weather, you cannot own it and live in the midwest. I used to be one of these critics, but I no longer believe this belief to be true. I recently saw an expresso brown Fiat 500 plowing through a snowstorm that we had here in Ames, Iowa.

If I were ever given a Fiat 500, I would serve as a mobile advertisement. I could prove that 500s can drive both in cities and in the country; on highways and gravel roads; on that one perfect day in June and the many miserable days of snow and ice in winter (it worked on me). You really do not see many Fiats in Iowa (where I go to school) or Illinois (where I'm from). I could help change that.

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