Monday, December 5, 2011

"Bittersweet Symphony"

Ron Santo has finally been voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The former Cubs' third baseman failed to make it in during his 15 years of eligibility Baseball Writers' Association of America ballot. The Veterans Committee also had several chances to vote him in, but declined. Today, Santo was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Monday by the Golden Era Committee.

He needed 12 of the 16 voters to select him to get in and 15 voted for him. By the numbers, most people around baseball (outside of the voters) had argued that Santo should be a hall of famer for years. Santo himself, never complained about not making it in. Cubs fans everywhere can rejoice that number 10 is finally in the hall, but the Golden Era Committee was still too late. Santo died on December 3rd last year, making the celebration bittersweet.

Rest in peace, Ron Santo. 

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