Monday, December 12, 2011

The Bears' Season Is Over

The Chicago Bears have lost three straight games following starting quarterback, Jay Cutler, suffering what appears to be a season-ending thumb injury. To have a chance at a playoff birth, the team has to win all three of its remaining games and one of those games is against the undefeated Green Bay Packers. This season is all but lost.

Over the past several years, the Bears have proven to be completely inept from the top down. Bad contracts have been given out, terrible drafts have been made, and seemingly simply tasks have been made to look incredibly difficult (i.e. having someone actually call in a trade during the draft instead of allowing time to expire). Last night's loss to the Denver Broncos proved this even more.

Late in the game runningback, Marion Barber, went out of bounds which kept the clock from running and essentially gave time back to Denver. You learn in high school or maybe even middle school, to stay in bounds in that situation. At the same time, the coaching staff has to make sure that their players know what to do and they failed their duty.

Also, the Bears' defense didn't know what it was doing. There were times when the players on the field attempted to play two different coverages, not knowing which one they were supposed to be doing. All of this led to blowing a 10 point lead and losing 13-10 in overtime.

The team's injuries to Matt Forte and Jay Cutler over the past few weeks have made the Bears show their true colors. They have no depth, the don't have a number two quarterback worthy of seeing the field, the receivers are bad, the offensive line is bad, they lack talent, and they lack coaching. It is time to start over.

It is looking more and more likely the team will finish with a losing record of 7-9. Maybe ownership fill finally unload general manager, Jerry Angelo, head coach, Lovie Smith, and the rest of both of their staffs. This is not a team built to win long-term or a team prepared to win a super bowl. Over the past few years, they have looked just good enough to pass the eye-test for most people, but the Bears were really just fooling everyone. "Begin again."

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