Thursday, October 3, 2013


It does not take a whole lot for me to become a fan of someone or something. I recently became a fan of Des Moines band, Annalibera, because its members were unnecessarily nice to me. I worked the door at a recent show of theirs and they thanked me on multiple occasions, high fived me, and gave me some "van temperature pizza" (I've had much worse pizza by the way). These were small acts of kindness that some people may have brushed off, but went a long way for me. In contrast, other people largely ignored me and one called me a "door Nazi."

By simply being nice to me, they made me a fan of them as people. I decided to throw some money their way via a t-shirt purchase and EP download. After listening to their self-titled, three track, debut EP a few dozen times, I've also become a fan of them as musicians.

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Lesson learned? Be kind to others. You never know what may come of it. They might even shamelessly promote you.

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