Thursday, October 3, 2013

(Sometimes) Opinionated

I don't think that people should have political careers. It's not that politics and politicians shouldn't exist, they should. What I mean is that if someone decides to work in politics, then I believe that they should only be allowed to do so for a predetermined amount of time.

This would serve multiple purposes and hopefully resolve some problems. Today, many politicians are not willing to make tough calls or unpopular decisions. They are worried about making everyone like them, so that they can get reelected. But if reelection didn't matter, if they weren't selfish, then they'd be able to take on these challenges.

Running for office should be a public service, a selfless act. So, why has it become a selfish one? Money plays an entirely too big of a role - from campaigns to conventions. If political careers didn't exist, then there would be no room for selfishness, the type of people running for political office would be different, and there would always be new blood.

I know that this little dream of mine will never happen. We're too entrenched in our old ways. Everyone reaches for white or black, calls themselves a republican or democrat, and forgets that there are more colors in the crayon box, more directions to go. Our current government shutdown (which is absolutely ridiculous) is evidence of this my way or the highway mentality.

I could write about this a whole lot more and invest more energy into coming off a bit more eloquently, but then I'd just end up losing myself in frustration and rage over our current political system.

*raises glass* Here's to change.

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